Panel: The Truth About Sustainable Textiles


Biggest take-aways from last night's panel, The Truth About Sustainable Textiles:

Listening to Annie Gullingsrud (@c2ccertified) wax on circular design/value chains and why viscose should be avoided (among other materials!)

Learning that Jamie Bainbridge is developing silk by fermenting sugar, yeast and water (!!) and leather from mushrooms (!!!) at the amazing @boltthreads, right here in the Bay! Seriously so smart. And really, really cool. Check it out.

Listening to Juan Diego Gerscovich @industryofallnations explain why he loves alpaca. So may natural colors! He chooses to source his material and craft from Bolivia, instead of Peru. The families there have a harder time getting exposure for their product (trade regulations and no coast).

Biggest thing though, is that people have the power to make change by where they put their dollars. Buy less, buy smarter.

Moderated by: Joyce Hu @wildlifeworks , Hosted by: @fisfatmacys @fash_revusa