Hey Ladies!

In the wake of Rachel Feinstein's incredible portfolio "The 7 Ages of Women" in NYMag and in an attempt to KonMari my apartment, I thought it would be nice to share these funny card collages I made a little while ago.

When I was younger, I loved writing letters and sending art in the mail. It was nice to have a physical reminder of a friendship developed earlier in time - sending letters to a distant cousin in Eastern Europe, writing to a friend from Girl Scout Camp and attaching a souvenir from a beach trip or even just a note to a friend from school on special Sanrio stationary from the mall. Because of this, many of the older people in my life would give me stationary they'd amassed over the years but never used. The cards were never really anything I deemed worthy of my personal adolescent correspondence; but I saved them anyway because they were weird, cool and old.

When I was in-between apartments I found all of these old cards, and also a bunch of my Dad's strange paperback film history books from the 70's. The heroins from these early movies were so striking, I needed them to escape these worn, soon-to-be-recycled, relics. The offset printing and varied textures from the old stationary felt so right as a partner in crime and a worthy vehicle for these women to see the light of day again. So, there they met. Now, these old women, old movies, and old paper are new again, ready to venture back into the world.